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Artis wunderhorse
Judul teal
Durasi 3:11
Ukuran File 2.81MB
Format Audio/MP3
Diunggah 4 bulan yang lalu

Lirik Lagu Wunderhorse - Teal

verse 1
i’ll always remember the time that we met
it was somebody’s party
you were wearing that black dress
clinging to shadows
and we were together, when we were fifteen
but nothing is real then, you know what i mean
i slept with that dancer, i didn’t mean it
it was all in a dream babe, all in a dream
all in a dream


verse 2
and i hadn’t seen you in a couple of years
you’d been at the doctors
you called me in tears
“jacob baby i’m broken! i can’t be fixed!
they think it’s my kidneys, they don’t know what it is
and how could this happen man, i’m just a kid
i’ve got something to live for, and so much to give
now i live in a bas~m~nt, a blade in my wrist
i think this is over, i think this is it
what if this is it man?”
and all of your friends, they say that they need you
when you need them they just get up and leave you
one of them said “i don’t care if this k!lls you”
what if it did katie?
what if it k!lled her?

verse 3
what would you do then?
hope you’d be sorry
hope you’d go to her grave, apologise for me
all the time that she gave you
every time you were worried
that’s because she was your friend then
hope that you’re sorry

verse 4
and when i was using, she still said she loved me
be more of a human, less of a junkie
you gotta give man, go and be something
if i was in your shoes, i would be jumping
and that’s when i felt it, encounter my heart
it was the light of a candle, in the depths of the dark
and there was a fire, it danced in your eyes
a beautiful world and a beautiful mind
a beautiful mind
a beautiful mind
a beautiful mind
you’ve got a beautiful mind

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