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Artis hell razah
Judul congress musick
Durasi 4:40
Ukuran File 4.12MB
Format Audio/MP3
Diunggah 9 tahun lalu

Lirik Lagu Hell Razah - Congress Musick

intro: h-ll razah (sharecka)
yeah… (yeah!)… s.o.m. baby
it’s h-ll razah, el megatron sharecka
n-gg-z is really f-cked up
(from the east to the west, north to the south
let’s unite baby, what, n-gg-z is nice)

chorus x2: sharecka
one thing i can’t stand
when you makin’ moves and individuals wanna downgrade you’s
’cause you choose to win or lose, yeah
one thing i can’t stand
when n-gg-s is sayin’ this talk about makin’ you famous
know the game and, know the game and know the game and, yeah

turn up trumps, we makin’ noise in the world triumphalism
your history get written
where human freedom and natural necessities are curiously mingled
we grow with power, gem of the first water
do this for my daughter
spontaneous overflow recollected through tranquillity
the rhythm it got creation of all beauty
bankin’ with the gift of speech
dabble in the upper crust, yo don’t f-ck with us
lord paramount, keeps the road
philosophers of stone
heavy letters mind controller
seven cities of siabola, the iron soul
while you buyin’ whips, i’m buyin’ gold
stack chips before the millennium unfold
general minds, built with those that’s buildin’ with minds
panty wearin’ n-gg-s, gonna kill them in times
this brick is stuck y’all for all y’all
this is war y’all for all y’all
yo this is war n-gg-, believe

chorus x2

h-ll razah:
el megatron, sharecka, we walk like enoch
two kids died by the weed spot
shorty learnt to love sh-t that he not
i strengthen my weak spot
forty one shots got n-gg-s holdin’ three blocks
george bush wig could get pushed back
by eighteen dropouts who cook crack, we’re too far too look back
find me in the hidden scriptures sections of the book racks
n-gg-s couldn’t walk across water but they looked back
the crack game is old now, check my dna and bones now
it’s worth more than a gold crown
brooklyn’s a dope town, where angels walk around with a trenchcoat
talkin’ to the young souls who cut-throat, that get high from gun smoke
shorty almost died off of one toke, hangin’ with the young lokes
for halloween i dress like the holy ghost
and go and hunt the next devil that we want the most

chorus x2

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