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Artis halestorm
Judul i'm not an angel
Durasi 3:11
Ukuran File 2.81MB
Format Audio/MP3
Diunggah 9 tahun lalu

Lirik Lagu Halestorm - I'm Not An Angel

“i’m not an angel”

you made a mistake
on the day that you met me and lost your way
you saw all the signs
but you let it go
you closed your eyes
i should’ve told you to leave
cause i knew all the time you couldn’t handle me
but you’re hard to resist
when you’re on your knees begging me

i tear you down
i make you bleed eternally
can’t help myself
from hurting you and it’s hurting me
i don’t have wings so flying with me won’t be easy
cause i’m not an angel, i’m not an angel

i hate being that wall
that you hit when you feel like you gave it all
i keep taking the blame
when we both know that i’ll never change


i wasn’t always this way
i used to be the one with the halo
but that disappeared when i had my first taste and fell from grace
it left me in this place
now i’m starting to think maybe you like it


i’m not an angel

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