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Artis brccke
Judul sand castle
Durasi 1:44
Ukuran File 1.53MB
Format Audio/MP3
Diunggah 3 bulan yang lalu

Lirik Lagu Brccke - Sand Castle

feels like everyone is trying to get to me
i’m safer in the turrets with the weaponry
is anybody listening not make believe
or am i just unnecessary

i’ve been trying hard not to think of you
it seems like something i am supposed to do
am i a hypochondriac or just confused
about some definitions maybe

driving down to oregon to pass the time
and losing any substance that’s inside my mind
i haven’t had ideas for quite some time
so i steal from my contemporaries

staying on the beaches with a pile of sand
it feels like what i’m building’s getting out of hand
i thought that i was safer i don’t understand
who knew this castle’s temporary

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