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Artis adultery
Judul confession of immortality
Durasi 2:16
Ukuran File 2.00MB
Format Audio/MP3
Diunggah 13 tahun lalu

Lirik Lagu Adultery - Confession Of Immortality

while dancing by the flower with the wind around
and the sun over my head,
i can protect you from a cold,
you, the charming flower,
i can protect you and live with you.
you are the last, you are the last one i know.

i’m thinking of the words of curse,
which has surrounded me by the magic power.
i’m invisible, but the virgin heart can see me.

i’m thinking of the words and i’m crying.
there are no unspoiled hearts any more,
there is only gloom and cold – death and ice.

and then me – why me?
where can i find the strength to fight,
where can i search for it?

Tags: adultery, conffesion, of, immortality, czech, slavonic, folklore, black, metal, band, among, the, flowers, seventh, tower,

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